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Titanic 666

After a mammoth cruise ship sails over the site of the Titanic’s disaster, dark and deadly events start to occur on board. As the ship’s captain investigates the tragic occurrences, it becomes clear that the passengers and crew from the original Titanic have returned.

Title:Titanic 666
Release:Apr 15, 2022
Runtime:1h 31m
Genre:Thriller, Horror
Stars:Keesha Sharp, Jamie Bamber, Lydia Hearst, AnnaLynne McCord, Joseph Gatt, Jhey Castles, Michael J. Chen, Derek Yates, Kendall Chappell, Al Coronel, Giovannie Espiritu, Tarnue Massaquoi, Maurice Johnson, Heavenly Reyna, Neil Dickson, Jody Jaress, Cami Storm, DJames Jones, Micaiah Chen, Eva Ceja

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