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Valley of the Dead

They're soldiers on different sides of the war. But when the dead come back to life, the only side they want to be on is the one that survives.

Title:Valley of the Dead
Release:Mar 11, 2022
Runtime:1h 41m
Genre:Comedy, Horror, War
Stars:Aura Garrido, Miki Esparbé, Luis Callejo, Álvaro Cervantes, Jesús Carroza, María Botto, Sergio Torrico, Francisco Reyes, Frank Feys, Asia Ortega, Ken Appledorn, Manel Llunell, Manuel Morón, Dafnis Balduz, Pol Corominas, Julius Cotter, Oscar Dorta, Bruno García, Mouad Ghazouan, Óscar Intente

Valley of the Dead Trailer

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