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Everybody Rides the Carousel

Everybody Rides The Carousel invites the viewer along on eight "rides" through the different stages of life. Based on the work by Erik Erikson, one of the most influential psychoanalytic theorists of this century, the film explores the inner feelings and conflicted emotions experienced during each stage of personality development. With distinctive and poetic animation, John and Faith Hubley visualize the conflicts, joys, problems and delights we all experience on the carousel of life.

Title:Everybody Rides the Carousel
Release:Jun 08, 1975
Runtime:1h 12m
Stars:Alvin Epstein, Jenny Lumet, Meryl Streep, Pau Casals, Dinah Manoff, Lawrence Pressman, John Randolph, Jack Gilford, Juanita Moore, Dee Dee Bridgewater

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