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Bandits: Love and Liberty

In 1838 in the kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies, Malacarne, gamekeeper of Baron San Germano, kills the bandit Caruso, whose widow gives birth to Giovanni and at the same time becomes the nurse of Costanza, San Germano’s orphaned daughter. Thirteen years later, Giovanni and Costanza fall in love to the jealousy of her uncle, who shuts her in a convent, ordering Giovanni to be killed by Malacarne who has meanwhile become a bandit. Barely alive, Giovanni is taken away by Bourbon soldiers. After Garibaldi’s arrival in Sicily and its union with Italy, Costanza is freed from the convent and returns to San Germano. She is visited by Giovanni and although still loves him, rejects him since she wishes to become a nun. In the meantime, Giovanni kills Malacarne and takes his place. Costanza marries the rich Lo Turco and the next day departs for Naples, but during the journey the carriage is attacked by Giovanni’s band. Costanza flees with him and they leave for America.

Title:Bandits: Love and Liberty
Release:Oct 23, 1994
Runtime:1h 35m
Stars:Claudio Amendola, Monica Bellucci, Ricky Memphis, Tony Sperandeo, Francesca Antonelli, Nicola Di Pinto, Donald O'Brien, Benedetto Fanna, Pinuccio Ardia, Marcello Modugno, Maurizio Di Carmine, Gabriele Pignotta, Giovanni Cianfriglia, Daniele Ferretti, Lucia Batassa, Elio Cesari, Milly Corinaldi, Anna Cuomo, Maria Cristina Heller, Giancarlo Palermo

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